Monday, November 9, 2009

Some Cafe's from last month.....

October was busy.
We manged to squeeze in loads of places.
They were all lovely and two do stand out in my mind - although don't get too excited as they didn't tick all the Hey Bambini boxes for the kids, and wont be on the website, but l feel they need a mention.

Need a caffeine fix - and a good one at that.
Try Sevens Seeds located in Carlton, I swear l could smell the coffee as l got out of the car. Loads of room to move, but it's really more of a "business crowd" in here during the week. Staff were friendly and helpful. Not only do they have a food and drinks menu they also have a fantastic coffee menu where you can choose from a variety of beans and blends to take home. l got the Deadman's Espresso Blend for my hubby's morning coffee. Great name for a coffee blend and it's a smooth brew that packs a punch.

Then we ventured to the "other side" of the river to Kanteen. Situated along the Yarra River this picturesque cafe is good to take people who are from out of town. It's nice to experience something a little different. Great outdoor seating but as you are right on the Yarra l wouldn't advise taking a tribe of young children - unless you're a great swimmer! Need to be on your toes with that! Kids love water - especially dirty water. Food was good, staff nice enough - they didn't offer me a highchair which l was unaware they had until l saw another wee one sitting who arrived after us. Oh well!

Be sure to check the website as we visited a lot of country cafes in October. With the weather being nicer it's fun to leave the city behind for the day.

Oh and l must say we visited Pearl Oyster on the weekend in West Preston and it was AMAZING!!
Will be up on the website soon!

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