Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweet Source on Rathdowne

l had a "baby" free morning on Friday.
It was heaven.
Don't get me wrong l love my son to BITS but a girl has
to have morning tea alone sometimes.

I've been dying to try Sweet Source on Rathdowne St in Carlton.
They serve fresh quality cakes and desserts.
l only had time for a quick latte and a
small cupcake but oh my goodness it was worth it.

Now l would love to say l took heaps of photos so you could all see, but to be honest l was too busy drooling over the selection of muffins, tarts, gingerbread and slices.

Not at all good for the waistline but who cares!

Sweet Source is not really "built" for the baby crowd - although they are quiet welcome.
It's a very small and intimate place.

The up side though is the Christmas "goodies" menu.
If your pressed for time (like myself) then you
can organise your Christmas treats in one easy order.

You will be spoilt for choice with fresh Puddings,
rich Fruit Mince Pies and Sweet Torte's to pop on your Christmas table.

My personal favourite was the Gingerbread House.
A beautiful centre piece for a magical family Christmas day.

(For all orders contact Sweet Source before the 16th December)
**Image by Estelle Judah**

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