Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brunch Without Baby

For us parents gone are the days of waking up midmorning on the weekend and strolling down the street to have brunch. I would have laughed in your face 3 years ago if you had said to me that 6.30am is a sleep in! Bahh!

Back to the brunch talk…

Really it’s a rare occasion for me and Mr Man to have brunch together and to be honest l really can’t remember the last time. I guess dinners are easier for us but l thought I’d still share with you the BEST places {I believe} to have brunch WITHOUT the kids. Yes SHOCK – HORROR a post for us adults. {About bloody time too eh?!}

So why not drop the kids off at Grandmas one Sunday morning and just you and hubby have a peaceful, quiet, fancy and enjoyable brunch together. You don’t even have to talk to each other! But you will, you’ll talk about the kids.

Here are some places we’ve visited that are sure to please and most suitable for couples who like to brunch without their kids.

Bell Jar :: Clifton Hill

Axil :: Hawthorn

St Ali :: South Melbourne

Proud Mary :: Fitzroy

Eat Drink Man Woman :: Fitzroy

The Estelle :: Northcote


  1. Love it! My Mr Man and I squeezed in a brunch last week at Kitchen Kultcha in Brunswick (highly recommended) and spent the whole time talking about how nice it was to be by ourselves. We also noted how other people's cryng babies don't bother us at all - as long as we don't have to do anything about it.

  2. Love Kitchen Kultcha, and yes best without the bubbas. Thanks for stopping by. x



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