Wednesday, November 23, 2011

La Belle Miette

Do you swoon at the thought of macaron’s?

I know l do and l had the opportunity to pop into La Belle Miette after the David Jones Christmas Concert with Mr 3 a few weeks back. It’s in Hardware Lane and only a short walk from the Bourke St Mall. I thought it was a fair compromise, he got to see Peppa Peg and l got to pig-out on sweet French delights. Fair? – yeah l though so too.

La Belle Miette (which means the “beautiful crumb” or, more literally, “beautiful small thing”) is a small French patisserie specialising in macaron’s. It’s a very quaint shop and if you’ve been lucky enough to visit France it’s just like stepping inside a Parisian boutique. The visual merchandising is just beautiful, very eye catching and tastefully done, and of course the glass cabinets are filled with dozens of macaron’s.

Unfortunately l didn’t get to spend as much time as l would have liked pouring over the different flavours of macaron’s, you see Mr 3 had it in his head we were going out for Cup Cakes (yes he is slightly obsessed, but l only have myself to blame really!) So l got the hurry along from him, but the photos are as good as l had hoped. (l borrowed some instead! See below.)

I guess the reason why l’m sharing my experience is because it’s a great little destination shop to pop into if you happen to be in the city this festive season. They do boxes of macaron’s for $15 which gets you 6 of the loveliest things you’ve ever tasted. I thought they would make the PERFECT gift for someone who has everything or even given as an office or mother’s group Kris-Kringle, as the box they come in is very sweet and looks impressive when given.

Hopefully we are going to pop back in for a cheeky macaron soon – maybe l’ll get Mr 3 a cupcake first, just to tide him over while l drool over the macarons.


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