Friday, November 4, 2011

Five for Friday :: Worshiping Good Coffee

Happy Friday! Yep it’s here again. This week we popped into Pope Joan for breakfast and I guess you could say it inspired this week’s Five for Friday post. As Pope Joan was a woman of the church back in the Middle Ages l thought we’d go for a HOLY theme this week.

I’m not trying to shove god down anyone’s throat but we just happen to have FIVE Family Friendly cafes that have religious influenced names. (Well Christmas is just around the corner – so why not eh?) Enjoy!

Thousand Blessings
Retro High Chair - Textars and Paper - Babycinos

Pope Joan
High Chair - Kids Menu - Crayons - Yummy Food for all!

Fruits of Passion
Playground Near By - Kids Menu - High Chair

Abbotsford Convent Gallery
High Chairs - Pet's Welcome - Changing Facilities - Baked Goodies

Pagoda Café
Basket of Toys - Room for Mother's Groups - Pram Parking

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