Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Interview :: Mel from Hey Bambini

This week I’m thrilled to shine the interview spotlight on one of our guest reviewers Mel.
Mel has been reviewing kid friendly cafes and restaurants for Hey Bambini just on two years now.

Oh how the time flies eh!

So we got to thinking a few weeks back that everyone gets to read her candid reviews and see her happy snaps, it’s high time readers get to find out just a little bit more about her and her beautiful café loving kids

Day Job/Occupation: Physiotherapist and serial cafe-goer, helping to write reviews for Hey Bambini

Kids :: Ella 4 years and Angus 2 years

Tea or Coffee? :: At a cafe, skinny flat white, at home T2 tea. Number per day depends on how bad the day (or night) has been!

Sweet or Savoury for Breakfast? :: I love the idea of a sweet breakfast, but can only do the savoury, eggy option. Runny poached eggs with smoked salmon and avocado is my ultimate breakfast. Maybe with a cheeky glass of bubbles too!

How often do you dine out with your little people? :: I probably take the kids out twice a week for brunch or early lunch and sometimes we'll do the weekend breakfast with my husband. We also try to do an early family dinner about once a month, but somehow we just seem to run out of time.

Keeping it local! Where do your family hangout out the most when dining out? :: We love going to Maxii Moo in Brunswick. The staff are really friendly and love kids and the kids corner is amazing! There are plenty of toys, books and cartoons to keep the little ones amused and I can have a coffee, breakfast AND read the paper without being disturbed. Well, not too much! As a bonus, there's a park across the road if the weather is nice and the little ones need to burn off some energy.

What is the ultimate family friendly feature you love in a kid friendly café? :: Definitely a play area or corner with toys, books, pencils and paper to keep the kids amused for more than five minutes. As the kids are getting older, this is getting much easier. Angus still doesn't understand the concept of 'mummy time'!

What do your kids love to eat when they go out?:: Ella and Angus both love Babycinos with a marshmallow, and will more or less eat anything! Cheese and vegemite toast, pancakes, eggs, chips, biscuits, muffins.....

Best thing about eating out with kids? :: It teaches the kids valuable social skills, but best of all it gets me out of the house, enjoying good coffee and staying sane! It also shares my passion for food with the kids.

Worst thing about eating out with kids? ::The mess and them 'cracking it' mid meal.

Your BEST eating out tips for new parents :: Don't be afraid to take the kids to cafes from a young age to get them used to the idea of being out in public. Ella was a week old on our first venture out. Be prepared - take wipes, books, toys etc to keep the little ones amused, especially if you're not sure if the cafe is kid friendly. Don't plan to spend too long in one place. Chances are you'll only fit in a quick coffee before they have had enough.

Describe eating out with kids in three words :: Fun, challenging, messy!

Big thanks to Mel for sharing with us a slice of her café hoping life with the kidlets. I certainly like the sound of a glass of bubbles for breakfast! You can find more of Mel’s kid friendly reviews over HERE. Enjoy!

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