Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Road Test :: Café Kit by Micador

Restaurant outings and café adventures are pretty much classed as normal activities for our kids. They are slotted into our weekly routine like going to kindergarten or attending our Sunday swimming lessons. It’s safe to say they are exposed to a range of foods and restaurant environments. Why just on the weekend we had Japanese for dinner, then Chinese for lunch, then the following day out for coffees and cake. That’s an exceptionally good weekend for us – not great on the bank account or the waistline, but stupendous for me on the cooking front and the kids get to sample some new flavours to try and love.

The only thing that is getting a little tired on the dining front is how we entertain the kids while we eat. You see the kids demolish any meal in about 5 minutes flat – Mr 2 who has affectionately become known as Conan the destroyer, can polish off 2 spring rolls and 2 dumplings within minutes. No bad for a pint size soul hey, thus leaving him and Mr 4 about 20-30 minutes of free time to get easily bored and play havoc with the waiting staff.

Not fun.

But can l tell what was fun this week when we went out? Our colourful café kit which was designed especially for the Hey Bambini babes and sent to us by the lovely folk over at Micador. It was the perfect solution to ease those boredom blues while hubby and l got to finish our meals. Mr 4 was thrilled to road test the new café kit – Conan however not so much, lucky for me l’d packed some cars.

The kit was made up of various items such as the Pet House Bestie Markers, Crayon Kids Finger Puppets, a Triangle Pencil Purse pack, a sharpener, Purse Scribble Pads and of course a colourful pencil case to carry it all. I did mention that Mr 4 was thrilled to bits to give a test run didn’t l. It’s been attached to the hip ever since l got it out of the delivery box.

The Pet House Besties are his favourite. They are colourful animal figurines and when you pull them apart there is a felt marker inside, which is perfect for drawing beautiful pictures of mummy. ‘Gush.’

I found the Micador range sent to me was superbly well designed for little hands to grip , offered a great colour selection and of course the products are all non-toxic, which was a relief as Mr 2 thought he wanted to eat a Crayon Kid Finger Puppet for dessert. He said it tasted yuck. Just as well, because they are for creating not eating, Conan.

My favourite part about the products is that they were light weight and the kids found them easy and fun to use. The café kit was also easy to carry and is now permanently packed inside our outing bag, when Mr 4 isn’t carrying it around the house from room to room.

I would totally recommend these products to any family who are regulars to the dining out circuit. Mr 4 also gives them a big thumbs up too.

Fast Facts About Our Micador Café Kit

You can build and design your own kit café right HERE
Excellent Product Range on offer which is suitable for all ages.
Suitable for all developmental stages
Easy to use –Easy to carry around – Easy to wash off clothes

Are you wanting to get your hands on one of these cafes kits? Well you’ve scrolled down to the right place. We’re giving away a Café Kit to one lucky reader. To enter leave a comment below. All you have to do is tell us what your kids love to eat when you take them out. Simples!


  1. My little Cam is a foodie. Thanks to Hey Bambini, we've been taking her to quality cafes since she was a bubba. She loves smoked salmon with her eggs and she always asks for aioli when the wait staff bring her tomato sauce for her chips.

  2. My 18 months old son is not a fussy eater. As long as he eats what we are having, he's happy. However, eating out isn't always accommodating. We normally bring pasta from home for him or give him rice with dishes that we order from the restaurant. He's starting to learn how to eat noodles but I don't often give it to him as I worry he might choke.

  3. My 20 month old boy LOVES sushi and Japanese curry, which is great, and will pretty much try anything, except for plain veggies. Eep. He's getting pretty rambunctious, so definitely needs something to occupy him so we can continue with our cafe outings.

    1. Congratulations! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. Just letting you know you’re our winner! If you could email me at l can pop the package into the post for you. Warm Regards Jolie from Hey Bambini

  4. My twin 17 month olds love to eat whatever they can get their hands on!! We don't get out to cafe's much as it can be quite difficult to manage them on my own but when we do I always buy them a cupcake each. Always makes them happy and quiet for about 2 minutes!!! lol

  5. Chippies! I call my little man the chippie monster!

  6. What a great idea! As for what Lady AB likes to eat - it ranges from milkshakes, Vegemite and spaghetti bolognaise to skordalia, empanadas and brioche!



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