Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Melbourne’s Best Pizza Restaurants for Families


An ideal early dinner for the 'Hey Bambini' bubba’s is pizza followed by ice-cream.  Mr Bambini loves to snack on the antipasto plate while l like to throw back a few vino’s after a long day of crafting, visits to the park, washing dishes, cutting fruit, reading books and scrubbing dried Weet Bix from the floors - now that’s a fun job!

So to make everyone’s life a little easier when Friday night rolls around here is our cracking list of Melbourne’s BEST pizza joints that cater for families, because nobody says NO to Pizza.

Buon appetito!

La Cannella – Kensington
High Chairs – Pizza Dough for Kids to Play With - Plastic Cups

Mr Wolf – St Kilda
High Chairs – Colouring Sheets – Kids pizza and an ice cream sundae for just $10 - Open at 5pm :: See Our Detailed Review

Jimmy Janz – Brunswick East – Elwood
High Chairs – Change Table – Early Dinner Time 5pm

Casa Farro - Fitzroy
High Chairs – Change Table – Early Dinner Time 5pm - Gluten Free Options

La Svolta – Hampton & Prahran
High Chairs – Crayons – Kids Menu

Hava Gander – Brunswick
High Chairs - Change Table - Colouring Pages – Early Dinner Times - Gluten Free Options - $10 Pizza's See Our Detailed Review

Ladro :: Prahran – Fitzroy
Kids Menu – Kids Cooking Classes – High Chairs - Kids Parties

Fire Chief – Hawthorn East
High Chairs – Change Table – Early Dinner Time 5pm

Pizza Religion – Hawthorn 
High Chairs – Kids Pizza – Kids Ice Cream with Freddo’s – Pizza Dough for Kids to Play With – Heated Courtyard – Also can cater / host kids parties from 4pm Daily – Booking Essential when bringing a Pram or needing a High Chair.

Did we miss your favourite? Well best you add them in the comments so we can check them out too.


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