Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleaning Disaster

Oh dear.
My cleaning days are over - down the drain....
l don't like to blow my own trumpet but l keep a very clean house.
Well l like to think l do anyway.
Dishes are always done, bathroom spic and span, laundry folded....

So today to my shock horror (and there was a witness which even made it worse) as l was vacuuming behind my couch (which sits hard against a wall) l find a old newspaper.

Must be last week's me thinks.

l hand it to my hubby who is standing behind me while I'm in full vacuum action mode.

He laughs out loud and takes great delight to read the date to me.

2nd of June 2008.

l never going to live that one down.

Don't worry ladies l even scanned it to see "if l was keep it for an article" but no - nothing but old news.


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