Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

l really don't mind the heat.
You don't feel guilty for sitting inside on a hot day.
However l don't like "heatwaves" and thank god it is only 43 degrees for one day.
Not 12!

The weekend was filled with Yum Cha, Coffee and Cocktails.
Don't ask about the Cocktails - I'm still recovering.
l can't bounce back from a hangover like l used to....

So feeling seedy Sunday my hubby dragged me down to Yum Cha in the city, which was a
splendid idea. Fried calamari, dumplings and Chinese broccoli are just the thing
for a fuzzy head.

Bubba came too and was 'king of the castle' in his lovely high chair and was kept amused
by the friendly and efficient waiters of the Shark Fin Inn.

We spotted about four other bubba's too so if you're looking for a hangover cure or a tasty weekend lunch pay them a visit. They are very child friendly.

This little black duck will be drying out this week.

H2o will be my drink of choice!

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