Monday, January 4, 2010

Where did all the holidays go?

Holidays always fly by don't they.

The end of 2009 was very hectic for us and l was kind of glad to see 2010 arrive.

l like a fresh start.

Something about getting a new diary or calender, with clean crisp pages that haven't been written all over with different coloured inks and spelling mistakes...

We have heaps of exciting things up our sleeve for the
website this year and have had loads of emails over the holiday break.

"Thanks for writing to us."

l think the cafe suggestion list will take me a year to get through so please bear with us while we slowly work our way out to your favourite cafe.

We LOVE feedback so feel free to drop us a line.
We LOVE hearing about Cafes, Markets, Festivals and of course stuff about bub.

My bub is no longer a "bub" but more like a mini tornado.
Yes we are walking and don't l know it.
No cupboard, shop shelve or stray dog is safe.
Today No. 1 son was sitting in a waiting room with me, swooped on a young girls shoe and made a bolt for the door.

Least I'm burning off all those holiday calories with all the extra running around!

Stay Tuned!


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