Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy Bags

Loosing a tooth is really exciting when you're a little kid.

All the wiggling and jiggling.

So much anticipation - even more so when your waiting for the tooth fairy.

When l was little l use to leave my teeth in a glass of water and while
l slept the tooth fairy would magically leave me some silver coins.

I'm sure prices have defiantly gone up since my day and the guys at the
Purl Bee have created the most adorable little Tooth Fairy Bags for the kids.

Designed by the creative Molly Sketchbook you can make
one of these sweet little bags for your little monkey in no time.

That's of course if you love to pick up the needle and thread!

For full instructions on how to sew up these little gems visit The Purl Bee.

It's the perfect place for the tooth fairy to leave the loot!

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