Thursday, May 6, 2010

We love the CERES Organic Market

CERES Organic Market, with its family-friendly atmosphere, live music,
craft stalls and coffee stand is the heart of the CERES distribution food system.

The Market sells locally produced, affordable organic fruit and vegetables,
sensational sourdough breads, pastries, and CERES famous fresh laid eggs.

All produce is sourced from CERES Honey Lane and Merri Creek market gardens
or from other small sustainable growers and backyard producers around Melbourne.

Each week information on the food-miles of all stock is published, giving shoppers
complete peace of mind that they are supporting local, sustainable food production networks.


While you there why not pop into the CERES Shop, they stock all things eco friendly!

Bulk organic and biodynamic dry goods, greywater-friendly cleaning products,
Fair-trade coffees and teas, Australian-made chocolate, biodynamic wines and
food stuffs made by social food enterprises including the CERES Seven Stars Food Project.


For you craft lovers...
CERES Craft Market focuses on hand-made and recycled items
and offers a bounty of crafts made by local community artists.

Swap your veggies!
The CERES Urban Orchard Project, which has a stall at the market,
is a collection more than 170 households across the inner northern suburbs
of Melbourne who are interested in swapping and sharing the
products grown in their own backyard gardens.


The CERES Organic Market runs every
Wednesday and Saturday

Bundle up the family this weekend for a great outdoor adventure!


Please note: the photos are only for use in the CERES Organic Market event listing in the Hey Bamini website and blog.
Permission must be sought for any other uses.


  1. GOSH! I desperately want to work here!!!

  2. It has been ages since I have been to CERES and it looks like they have a lot more happening.



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