Monday, May 17, 2010

Speed Babysitting

Guest blog by Rebecca Ackermann from Speed Babysitting

Speed Babysitting

A new service for busy parents to find their perfect babysitter.

Founded in late 2008 Speed Babysitting has grown in baby steps to help busy
parents find the right babysitter for them in a time-efficient way.

Rebecca Ackermann was looking for a job as a babysitter and
even then there were heaps of websites available to find a job but the
whole process was very inconvenient and time consuming.

She thought there must be a better way and when talking to a friend, who had
just attended a Speed Dating event, the idea of Speed Babysitting was born.

What better way to find a babysitter or a family to babysit for,
than meeting a variety of potential candidates at one event,
face to face in a relaxed and safe environment?

The babysitters are highly qualified and experienced and have been pre-interviewed.

Speed Babysitting does its best to match your babysitting
requirements with the babysitters attending the event.

Within two hours you will have talked to several potential candidates,
got a first impression and had time to catch up and chat a little bit longer.
Then, at the end of the night you will walk away with a Speed Babysitting
Resume Booklet, with all the resumes of the attending babysitters.

You can then decide which ones you liked the best and contact them if you wish
for further interviews, reference checks etc or to simply start them babysitting!
And if you get stuck for a babysitter down the track you have a whole booklet to go back to.

And let’s be honest: You cannot have enough backup babysitters!

2 for 1 – Book a spot for the Tuesday 25th May 2010 event and bring a friend for free!

Check out the Speed Babysitting website for more details

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  1. At SpeedSitting we have taken a slightly different approach to this Speed Dating idea and have created an online community for Parents to find Babysitters in their area and then interview them with Video Chat all from their computers.



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