Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At my House

Well l must admit when we first moved into our two bed
room inner city town house 4 years ago l was thrilled.

We were close to the city and we had a spare room!

It was fabulous, friends could visit from out
of town and it turned into our study-guest room.

We still love our petite house, but the
dynamics of the family have changed slightly.

We now have a toddler, a dog and my 6ft’3 hubby roaming
around the place and it’s starting to feel a little cosy.

So the past week l have taken it upon myself to do bedroom blitz
and organise my sons room to be a bit more kid-friendly,
as he is moving about more than ever now.

So it was out with the large computer, broken book shelve
and all the other crap l have accumulated over the years.
I love throwing out junk and asking myself the question
– why on earth did l want to keep that 12 months ago??

Here is my sons newly re-decorated room which now has an old vintage
school desk (which use to be mine), mini cubby house for his toys
(which was my old doll house) complete with room to move and play.

It’s much more kid friendly and it’s his “little space” in the house, which he just adores.

I should have done it months ago!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Nice to make the most of the space you have and help your little one have some of his own space. Things certainly do change with children! The room sharing at our house seems to be working very well. We only started when the second one was one but all good!

    Thanks for joining in this week.



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