Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eating and Drinking Melbourne

Well we all know our family loves to eat and drink out on the odd occasion. From pizza to sushi and yum cha to a good old pub meal, we’ve tried it all. Just recently l got my hands on the newly released Eating and Drinking Melbourne food guide. It lists over 700 of the best restaurants, nifty bars and cheap treats this beautiful town has on offer. (I know 700!!)

Published by the folk over at Hardie Grant this great little guide has reviewed some of Melbourne’s best. You can search by area, cuisine or restaurant name. My personal favourite is searching by cuisine, because sometimes you just get a hankering for a great curry laksa or a fabulous pizza dripping with melted cheese, so l always flick to the end of the book to search by cuisine. Some of the fun interesting ones listed under cuisine are Korean, Croatian, African, Turkish, Cambodian or Venezuelan. ** Memo to Me** Must pop Venezuelan on the list of things to try.

There are a few pretty pictures featured throughout the book but it’s more about giving the reader a detailed overview of the restaurants and bars, listing great things like opening times, starting prices of meals or drinks, if a booking is required and of course if they take cash only or card. (I know some places still take CASH only – crazy but true eh?)

For all you single folk (which l hardly think any of my readers would be!) they have an amazing bar listing section, which is also handy for parents when they have a date night planned and want to find some of Melbourne’s secretly hidden funky bars for a cheeky cocktail sans children.

They also list little fun quip’s throughout the book like places to visit for “Top ten date nights” -“Top family friendly” and "Top 10 Cocktails in Melbourne” giving the reader more ideas and suggestions of venues to select.

We’ve pulled the guide out many times since it arrived in the post and found it was useful especially when looking for something different in our area that we may not have known about. I’m looking forward to try the Top Ten cocktails listing, although since having children there is no way l could drink ten cocktails let alone be able to look after them the next day with a blistering hangover!

It’s a most essential guide to have on your book shelf for any foodie loving family and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different guide to Melbourne’s best foodie and drinking spots.

Like the sound of this book – want to get a copy for FREE – leave a lovely comment to go into the draw. We have ONE to give-away to a lucky reader. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Ooh, looks great. Count me in! Jo Randell

  2. Oooh me! I would love a copy.




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