Monday, October 24, 2011

Parents Retreat :: Melbourne Central

We are in the process of re-designing our house and have spent many hours one on one with our architect, who is always up with the latest local and international designs.

Recently he pointed me in the direction of Clare Cousins who recently re-designed the Parents Retreat Room in Melbourne Central.

This stylish yet functional room is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to attend to the children. I think you'll agree it's one of the most beautiful parents rooms in the whole of Melbourne.

I think I'll have to give it a Hey Bambini Road Test with the cherubs soon!

What do you think? Are you loving this stylish colourful parents room?

{Images by Shannon McGrath Via the Design Files}


  1. It's an awesome space! We road tested and reviewed last week.. best baby change I've ever come across...

  2. Looks VERY stylish! Cant wait to get in there and check it out! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by x

  3. Love this! Wonder if my girl is too big now for me to get away with hanging in there.... might need to borrow a tiny one!

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