Monday, October 31, 2011

Melbourne Museum Café

Firstly l don’t have to tell you how fantastic the Melbourne Museum is for kids. Secondly l also don’t have to tell you they have all the child friendly facilities we love featured in their onsite café. {Yes the highchairs, kid’s meals, changing facilities and playground}and thirdly do you know how many emails l receive from readers telling me how great the Melbourne Museum Café is and that l should put it on the site? Hundreds! So l thought it was way high time to at least blog about it! Although it doesn’t really meet the criteria of a standalone café and you most probably wouldn’t go out of your way to drive across town for the coffee, but if you team it with a tour of the museum it can be quite a fun experience.

We are members of the Melbourne Museum and have visited the café in the museum more times than l care to remember. Sometimes we take our own lunch and pop in for a cupcake and coffee afterwards and sometimes through sheer laziness on my account we’ve had lunch at the museum café as well.

The prices are ok, they’re certainly not the cheapest I’ve seen nor do l believe its highway robbery. Menu wise they offer a variety of salads, sushi, sandwiches, hot fried food, cakes, biscuits and all your standard hot and cold café style beverages.

They aren’t supersized servings and most items are pre-packaged off site and there is no table service, basically it’s catch and kill your own! But they have (like l mentioned before) all the family friendly features we love at Hey Bambini. There is AMPLE room for prams, the café is loud and bright, so noisy toddlers can be a little on the vocal side and the sweetener in my book is the enclosed outdoor playground complete with loads of table settings scattered nearby.

My kids love it there, and we always pop into the café for a pit stop. It’s not flash; there are no white table cloths, funky furniture or hip tunes pumping through the sound system. It’s your basic functional café with reasonably priced food and beverages with fast and efficient service and of course they love having families through. So next time you visit the Museum make sure you pop on down for a cheeky cupcake, a hot chocolate combined with a climb on the playground.


  1. The café is family friendly, can provide high chairs and offers a special lunch box for kids. Adults are catered for with a selection of fresh hot and cold food, soft drinks, wine, espresso coffee and a selection of teas.
    Thanks alot.
    Melbourne Museums

  2. Thank you for reviewing this. We have a family museum membership, we go there regularly and I had NO idea about the cafe or the playground! Next time we go, I will be searching them out immediately! (Our son likes the kids section down one end and the forest walk as soon as you enter the museum, so there is lots that we haven't explored yet)

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