Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All Brunched Out

Well my head was certainly spinning by the time l got home from the Bloggers brunch that l attended on Friday. It was so full of information, inspiration and my throat was sore from so much talking. l had to pull over and pop into my local Japanese restaurant for a quiet lunch afterwards just to take a moment to re-group. (!!)

The lovely Christie from Kids Business certainly out did herself again and put on a spectacular brunch with loads of interesting guest speakers, delicious food and of course some great products for the mums to take home to try.

It was great to catch up with some old friends – Li-Ann from Ham and Pea, Jodie from Muddled up Mamma and Kate from Babysitters and More, l also had the pleasure of meeting some new mums and had a few good laughs with Maria from Mums Word and l met the sweet lady behind Little Sooti – the lovely Thetis.

I actually had the honour of being asked to be filmed for Channel 31 along with some other mums as we checked out all the latest and greatest products by the sponsors. Maria and l took centre stage a few times at various stands throwing questions around like Tony Barber. It was most fun. Some of the great brands we got to experience and learn more about were, Garnier, Million Dollar Woman, Blackmores, Aunty Rozzy, Protect-a-bed and HoMedics, who were all very generous and gave us all fantastic show bags to take home stuffed with products, samples and all sorts of other goodies.

I am particularly excited about trying the Garnier product “Anti-dark Circles Roll on” heaven knows l have enough dark circles to cover up!! I was that excited to try the Garnier products l accidentally picked up another bloggers sample bag in the madness, and not realizing my cheeky error trotted off home. It wasn’t until l was showing Mr Man my “boodle” at home l found the second bag of Garnier goodies, sick to my stomach l immediately phoned Christie to let her know.

Turns out it did belong to someone – the lovely Becky from Becky and James (so sorry for ‘lifting’ your goodie bag!!) I offered to hand deliver it to her house, then Becky explained to me she lives in Bathurst, which is just slightly out of my way! (LOL! It’s in the post my dear!)

All in all it was a great day and lovely to put some faces to blogs and meet the women behind them in the flesh. As always Christie put on a grand event and the generosity of the sponsors didn’t go un-noticed. Thanks for letting Hey Bambini being involved – even if l did grab an extra bag! (Can’t take me anywhere – I’ll blame my “kleptomaniac” evil twin sister!)

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  1. Excellent post Jolie. I had such a hard time fitting everything into my bag for the plane ride home I was certain Virgin staff were going to pull me up and say "who are you kidding claiming that bag weighs less than 10kg.".

    In my piece to camera I actually said that my favourite product was the Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll on for the same reasons as you. I've looked tired since 2001. Probably time to change that.

    It was so nice to meet you.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M
    (Mum's Word)



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