Monday, August 15, 2011

Brunswick Community House Meets Aunty Rozzy

My Mr 2 goes to the local community house twice a week. We call it ‘kinder garden’ at our place, not occasional care. Just too long and confusing for a 2 year old! So twice a week we trot off to kinder where Mr 2 enjoys painting, reading books and playing games with all the other kids.

The centre is modest and has all the mod-cons but as you know I’m a re-cycler so I am always donating magazines and other odds and ends. Recently l donated the **Aunty Rozzy educational book pack l received at the Bloggers Brunch. The books at the centre were looking a bit tired and the walls were also looking a little bare. They were thrilled when l gave them the colourful Aunty Rozzy books and large poster filled with colourful fruit and vegetables for the wall. God knows we have enough books and posters at our place (Nanna and Grandma are teachers so we are always being showered with books!) So instead of The Aunty Rozzy books becoming lost among our HUGE collection at home l thought the books would be more appreciated at the community centre.

A big thanks to Aunty Rozzy for supplying the gift pack for us and the feedback l have so far on the donated books is that the kids are loving them and the poster is placed on the wall above the play-dough table. Very colourful indeed!

The Aunty Rozzy pack also came with some great healthy recipe cards – stay tuned for them to be cooked up in the Hey Bambini kitchen soon.

**Aunty Rozzy encourages kids to read, dance, and sing, all while aspiring to healthy eating. LinkAunty Rozzy’s books and CD’s have been designed to encourage healthy eating and she understands the importance of kid’s nutrition. Kids will love the fun, colour, and catchiness of her children's music and music videos, while parents and carers will appreciate the opportunity to read their children story books that are loaded with educational value... and nutrition for kids isn't where the educational aspect ends! For more info on Aunty Rozzy click here.

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