Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Road Test :: Bubbaccino Cup by Hookturn

We love to test out new products. So when the good people over at Hookturn Industries asked us to road test their new Bubbaccino cup we jumped at the chance.

I hear you asking “what is a Bubbaccino Cup?”. Well it’s an essential item to add to any nappy bag for all you café hopping parents.

The Bubbacccino cup is the first babycino cup that’s made from food-grade silicone. Basically it’s a plastic babycino cup that will withstand the most turbulent toddler tantrum and won’t break on impact. Yes throw it on the ground or against a trendy café wall and you won’t be leaving red-faced (unless it’s filled with babycino) as this little gem won’t break. It bounces!
Here are a few little cheeky facts about the Bubbaccino Cup.

**Unbreakable and guaranteed for 3 years
**Contains no petro-chemical materials, so it’s completely BPA free
**Easy to clean – dishwasher friendly – microwave friendly – eco friendly
**Save cafe staff and mums the embarrassment of breakages

We’ve been taking our little ones out this week along with our new little bubbaccino cups. First stop was Each Peach in Brunswick for a babycino and a piece of carrot cake. I asked the waitress to fill the bubbaccino cups with her finest babycino. Little Bubba loved playing with his and we got babycino everywhere and Mr 2 enjoyed his when he wasn’t distracted by the toy box. When we were done l just wiped them clean with a baby wipe of popped them back in the nappy bag to take home and to be washed by the dishwasher. {Ahem’ – we don’t have a dishwasher – I’m the dishwasher}

We also took Mr 2’s bubbaccino cup out on Friday night to a KL Bunga Raya; he wanted to drink his orange juice from his brand new pink cup. {Yes my 2 year old son loves pink, l have no concerns – who doesn’t love pink, it’s so pretty!} The bubbaccino cup worked out well because they didn’t have any plastic cups, so no embarrassing breakages for us! Mr 2 drank his orange juice from it and as he sipped a little at a time he didn’t spill the whole drink down the front of him. I found that the bubbaccino cup was easy for Mr 2 to hold as it’s small enough for tiny hands with nice a rubbery feel for good grip.

The bubbaccino cups will stay in my nappy bag now because they are so small, compact and unbreakable without taking up much room at all. They are now squashed between the wipes, portable highchair and the nappies.

I would highly recommend the bubbaccino cup to any café hopping family and they are an easy small addition to add to the nappy bag.

Would you like to get your hands on a Bubbaccino cup? Well the lovely people over at Hookturn Industries have generously given us some of these cuties to give away to some lucky bubba’s. Simply share with us a dining disaster story. Could be broken babycino cups, food thrown on walls or toddler tantrum.

Just leave a comment to go into the draw. GOOD LUCK!

**Having trouble leaving a comment? Email contact@heybambini.com.au & we will post on your behalf**


  1. Our 2 year old had just finished a bad cold and cough and we thought he was on the mend and took him out to dinner. He never knew how to cough without vomiting and ended up vomiting all over the floor at a very trendy Fitzroy restaurant. It was very embarrassing and l was on all fours in the candle light cleaning up vomit. It was Friday night too so the place was full. Yuck!

    Cute. Cups are always better without lids. Haven't encountered that many disasters, yet! However on my b'day (beg of the yr) we did decide to try White Rabbit in Brighton an 'upmarket' style pizza place next to the railway. We settled inside surprised to see no-one there at 6pm, ordered drinks, our littlest buckled into his pram (he refuses a highchair so we've given up on that one!), little ones were given a menu and crayons and then out of nowhere the screams begin. Not even a quick exit to see the passing trains would soothe him, people were staring, staff were aloof and strange so we paid up, made a quick exit and settled for fish and chips at Fishtank (our normal friday night treat!). MUCH more enjoyable! So our lesson learnt - Never stray from what your child is used to or comfortable with!

  3. What an awesome idea! Recently i've resorted to asking for a babycino in a take away coffee cup so that my 18month old can't drop it and smash it as has happened on 2 other hideously embarrassing situations. Thankfully we havein't had to deal with the vomit in the trendy restaurant...yet....

  4. We have always taken mr 4 out no probs, so really thought taking miss 2 out would be just as dreamy.. she was treated to a nice fine water glass on her lovely red high chair when she decided to bite into it.. Luckily it came off in a big chunk then miss 2 went "ohh crunch" and tried to take another bite... yes seriously. T'was lovley.

  5. These are adorable, what a great idea!

    Took my recently toilet trained 2yo boy out for babycinos with my 70yo Grandma recently. He's done amazingly well learning how to use the toilet and potty, and even pulls his own pants up and down. Amazing, right?
    Well, it turns out that while a 2yo can understand when they need to wee, they can't understand that getting your penis out in front of great grandma at a trendy cafe might cause Great Grandma to say "You've given me a shock little man, I haven't seen one of those in a LONG while!"

    This time, it wasn't babycino that was nearly sprayed all over the wall, it was my latte that I had just taken a big gulp of, and nearly choked on!

  6. I take my 2 year old daughter and 6 month old son swimming every Friday and then we go to a cafe for coffee, fruit toast and 'bubbles'. One morning, the toast came with a rather large amount of butter in a small tub on the plate. After I had spread what I wanted on the toast, my daughter then proceeded to eat the rest of the butter using the spoon from the babycino! No matter what I tried to stop her from eating it, she was having none of it. It was easier to let her eat it, than deal with a toddler tantrum in a cafe! As we are regulars in the cafe, they now take away the unused butter so she can't eat the rest.



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