Saturday, December 4, 2010

4th Day of Christmas

On the 4th Day of Christmas Hey Bambini gave to me...

The chance to WIN gorgeous cupcake wrappers by The Cupcake Wrapper Co

To go into the draw simply share with us the BEST Christmas Present you ever received.

CONGRATULATIONS to jdlady51 who is our winner from yesterday.

(Very funny Jdlady!!)

Thanks to everyone who entered and GOOD LUCK today!


  1. My son was due on Christmas Eve 2 years ago - that was the best pressie ever - although he was a few days late - it didn't matter to me!

  2. Best pressie was a table tennis table which at the time, we didn't see because we were too busy ripping open the presents that sat on it. By about lunch time the parents had to point out to us that we'd miss the big present sitting in the middle of the room!

  3. I remember when we were little we would find a trail of little wrapped presents somewhere in the house left from santa. They were (from memory) always new furniture and decorations for our dolls houses. There were 3 girls in our house so the dolls houses got plenty of use.

  4. It would have to be the handmade candle holder made out of an old coke bottle that my then 3 year old son gave me (he is now 5) with help from Little Kinder. My first homemade present and it is the best :)

  5. Posted on be-half of Jessic. C
    My best Christmas present will be this Christmas as I get to have my first Christmas at home with my family!

  6. My bubba was due at christmas but was polite enough to arrive a week early, it was a great gift as i got my healthy bubba and to be home to celebrate the special day with all my family.



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