Friday, December 10, 2010

9th Day of Christmas

On the 9th Day of Christmas Hey Bambini gave to me...

The chance to WIN something for the little book worms

We have 2 "cute as a button" bookmarks & bookplates by My Little Bookcase to giveaway

To go into the draw simply share with us you favourite Christmas story book

CONGRATULATIONS to cubbie our winner from yesterday

Thanks to everyone who entered.

GOOD LUCK today!


  1. l adore The Night Before Christmas and l still have my aunties copy that was printed in England in 1949 - it's just divine!

  2. i would have to say the night before Christmas too. It had all the romanticism of Christmas with the promise that I too may one day meet Santa. I also love the way the story is told in poetry, and although now when I read to my children, they don't understand all of the words, they still get the same magical feeling of Christmas.

  3. 'One Snowy Night' is a gorgeous rhyming pop-up book about alittledog named Jingle trying to findhis way Santa of course. A truly delightful,beautifully illustrated book that is a treasure in my house.

  4. I actually brought a Christmas book yesterday which I thought was gorgeous its called what Christmas is and it explains to children what Christmas means without using the religious side of things and using illustrations of animals. My son loved it!!! and it helped him to know Christmas was not just about Santa!!!

  5. I'm sure I'm exempt from this comp but I just had to share my favourite (It does change every year). I love Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle. My daughter (17months) loves Robert sabuda's Christmas pop-up. She has memorised the pages and even tries to say, icicle, manger and angel. So cute!

  6. Entry for Jessica C. I personally don't have 1 fav but my 3 year old son loves "the Aussie Christmas book" he thinks it's great!!

  7. The Aussie Night before Christmas

    With Mum in her Nighie and Dad in his Shorts...

    Go Kylie and Wazza,
    Go Barry and Wayne....i love the boganism in it!



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