Wednesday, December 8, 2010

7th Day of Christmas

On the 7th Day of Christmas Hey Bambini gave to me...

The chance to WIN some sweet treats from Lark.

We have 3 packs of Pastiglie Leone Christmas Fruit Jellies to giveaway.

To go into the draw simply tell us what treats you leave out for Santa.

CONGRATULATIONS to m.e (Cathie) who is our winner from yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who entered - we are LOVING reading them all!!

GOOD LUCK today!


  1. We were pretty standard - Booze and biscuits for santa! xx

  2. A plate of biscuits for santa and some food for the reindeer too (small bowl of grain or similar)! The boys love the thought of santa's reindeer eating the food they leave out for them :-) Thanks! Monique

  3. Homemade shortbread and beer and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer (which Daddy takes bites out of!!!) growing up on a farm we used to leave hay for them! This year a friend who is a prep teacher is giving us some reindeer food (will be interesting to see what it is!!!) so Santa and his reindeer will be well fed at our house!! Nic :-)

  4. Oh Yum, those treats looks gorgeous. We leave the standard milk, carrots etc. However, back when I was a kid, we used to leave a big glass of beer (because dad said Santa preferred that) with a couple of homemade gingerbread men. Every year, without fail, Santa polished the whole thing off.

  5. Entry for Jessica.C : just leave Santa milk n cookies and leave his raindeer some carrots.. They seem to enjoy the snack as there is none left by the morning lol!!

  6. We leave a piece of Rocky Road for Santa and of course a stick of carrot for the rein-deers. This year though, we are going to make Santa an Aussie snack for his stop down-under. We'll feature it on in a few weeks so you can make it too.

  7. We leave out chocolate chip cookies and a can of red bull or v so that santa has lot of energy to deliver all the presents and also some carrots for the reindeers!!!

  8. whatever Little Man wants to leave out and its usually a reflection of his favourite things. This year he has already decided on chocolate chip cookies and orange juice.

  9. We've never done anything like this, but everyone's comments have inspired me - we'll have to start a new tradition this year! Thanks, Hey Bambini!



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