Monday, December 6, 2010

5th Day of Christmas

On the 5th Day of Christmas Hey Bambini gave to me...

The chance to WIN something for baby.

We have 3 Little Sunshines Bath Packs to giveaway

To go into the draw simply share with us a quirky family Christmas tradition.

CONGRATULATIONS to nellbe who is our winner from yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who entered and GOOD LUCK today!


  1. Mine is pretty lame and corny - but each year l buy DAD a cadbury chocolate xmas stocking. And for my birthday he gives me a jar of vegemite! Yep strange but true! LOL!

  2. When we were kids we lived on 20 acres and had a few horses and cows. On Christmas Eve we'd go out and pick thistles and put them in a washing basket and leave them near the chimney. We woke up on Cristmas Day and the thistles were gone and there was "reindeer poo" near the basket!
    (Mum and Dad went down to the paddocks and collected horse poo that to us looked exactly like reindeer poo.)

  3. Quirky...mmm, that is a hard one - cos aren't we all normal??

    I have started to tell my children that Santa is watching them through the air con vents in the ceiling. You should see Miss four look up at them when she tries to tell a little "I did not eat that chocolate biscuit".

  4. Entry for Jessica.C - We have always had the tradition of watching a christmas movie together before bed to chill out and relax after such a big day. It's so nice to have that couple of hours of quite nice time together!!

  5. Christmas at our place is a Birthday celebration because hubby's birthday is on Christmas Eve! So, Christmas and Birthday rolled into one and we have a Birthday cake! On lean Christmases, hubby gets one present, but on bumper years, he gets a birthday present and a chrissy present.

  6. We have an accidental quirky tradition. Once we're all quite full of Christmas lunch and Christmas alcoholic spirit, out come the family stories. It's not deliberate, it's just people start to reminisce. We only noticed when an in-law remarked "aha, Family Story #4: the time when X was a baby and vomited semolina all over the kitchen walls" and "oh, Family Story #8: the time X and Y claimed not to have eaten the beetroot... with the purple evidence all over face, hands, clothing and the telltale trail leading from the fridge".

  7. Our quirky family tradition would have to be how we decorate the tree each year (which has happened quite accidentally, but now its a set thing we do) - the boys get free rein on the bottom half of the tree and I get the top. So our tree is always nice and neat up top, and a wild mess down the bottom. But I love it, it sums us all up perfectly. (Hope thats not too boring!!). Thanks :-) Monique

  8. It's so fun reading these!! My English husband and I have started a new tradition of eating icecreams and walking around the park on Christmas evening. He finds it quite hilarious that it's not cold and we're not drunk at the end of the day!



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