Thursday, December 9, 2010

8th Day of Christmas

On the 8th Day of Christmas Hey Bambini gave to me...

The chance to WIN a beautiful baby bouquet from
SOH Sleepy & a cute Babushka note pad from Phoenix Trading

To go into the draw simply share with us
(if you've had one!) your Christmas cooking disaster.

Burnt turkey, crunchy spuds or flat champas....

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners from yesterday.

Your Cheeky Monkey



Thanks to everyone who entered.

GOOD LUCK today!


  1. I am cooking my first ever christmas dinner this year...and I am well known for having few skills in the kitchen. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed it all works out and we are not having a KFC bucket at 2pm.

  2. Entry for Jessic.C: I will also being doing my first Christmas feed this year, and with I can see it now, as whenever I do cook a roast I can never get everything out at one time my potatoes are never crunchy and my crackling never works lol should be a fun experience though!!

  3. I've never had Xmas at my place (hopefully next year!)So the only story l have is my mums. Her only let down on most Xmas lunches is the time she serves it - about 4pm! She likes to get stuck into the champas as we all do and forgets about lunch! We love it though - loads of nibbles, pressies and champas. x

  4. How can one go wrong for BBQ? I did and not only the marinade was wrong (Too salty) i ended up burning the bbq and turned out dry and ugly. Never again thank you very much.

  5. Not a disaster from Christmas day but the Christmas party we throw for our friends. I think the night has run smoothly until all the guests go home, and I find a fridge full of food that I forgot to serve.

  6. Yorkshire puddings - sheesh, every year I try but they are always a disaster! Still, at least I haven't given the whole family food poisoning like my mother-in-law did one year!



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